Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Using Twitter to Expand Liberty

Dear (Celeb, Journalist, Politician, Media Member, etc.) affiliated with Liberty:

You could really help out the liberty movement by following your Twitter followers back.

Long story short; if you follow back your followers, you then allow them to follow more people and thus have a much broader reach, thus spreading ideas about Life, Liberty, Private Property & Free Enterprise.

If you're wondering WTF I'm even talking about, please allow me a quote from @dbargen's excellent blog on this matter:
Twitter has a 2k follow limit. Before they allow you to follow more than 2000, you have to have a balance of followers: 91% or 1821 followers and then twitter will allow you to proceed past 2k.
You can simply wait until your following numbers reach 1821, but for now you cannot follow back any of those new followers. Note: Even after you pass 2000, you will need to maintain a balance of approximately 90%. However, it is easier to do with larger numbers.

The more Twitter followers of yours that you follow back, the broader their reach will be. Please help us out.

Thank you in advance & God bless.

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