Thursday, April 4, 2013

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - Part IV


Here we go again ... 

You have a good working relationship with a supervisor. His job is to make sure you're doing what you're supposed to. You work for the police department as a police officer. You're gay. You're a woman. Your partner in the unit is also a lesbian. You all trade back and forth some really colorful and completely politically incorrect barbs at each other. One day the supervisor really gets on your case to actually do some actual work rather than goof off. You get mad. Then the captain of the division dies.

Do you A) go on as normal and ride it out until you retire in a few months, maybe a year? or B) conspire with your partner and concoct a story that you told the now dead captain repeatedly the discrimination and harassment you suffered and nothing was done.

If you chose B, you're smart enough now to collect a total of $1.24 million and split it with your attorneys and your partner.

You're probably thinking of telling me, "Hey Francisco, you dumb ass, you weren't there you don't know the truth." True. I wasn't there. However, I have met both plaintiff officers, and I do know from multiple sources that whenever either officer had a problem with anyone they didn't hesitate to tell their superior whether it was a lieutenant or captain immediately.

The department will soon be the No Fun Zone. All that witty banter you saw in End Of Watch (and that I get to experience every day I work) will soon be history if this continues unchecked. There's too much at stake to let any gallows humor to continue if someone is going to cry "racism!" or "sexism" or any other "ism" to get a seven figure settlement. If there is a huge financial incentive to lie, enough people will in order pad their Deferred Compensation.


  1. It's good to hear other perspectives on stories like these, rather than the singular way that's often presented in the media

  2. Hey FM, I will have to comment here on your great posts from StreetCarnage, Jim Goad got pissed at me and (I pointed out it was stupid to post a pic of your name and birthday) has banned me from posting there. No biggy, I can still see the great posts. Keep on writin, it is nice to know the rank and file does not march lock step with the "officials".