Monday, April 1, 2013

Turning over a new (red) leaf

Hey fellow readers,

After much careful thought and prayer I've decided everything I've ever believed was wrong. Almost.

Jim Wallis is truly a prophet and should be treated as such. He is not a Marxist in reverend's clothing, he truly does speak for Jesus!

The above is FAR superior to the old stars & stripes. I can't wait to vote for Obama in '16 (Oh come on, you don't think Michelle O won't run, do you??)

I've finally got my J.D. degree, I'm ready to clerk at the ACLU, pay my dues and then clerk for as many progressive legislators in local, state or federal government and then run for office myself. I've had it with actually trying to prevent and solve crimes. The police are the problem!

I think there are too many guns in this country. Tony Kornheiser was and is right. The problem is too many guns, not crime, not our culture - not a lack of religion.

I'm going to change my name from Francisco Murphy to Francisco Ignacio Gomez-Murphy in keeping with my Spanish roots. I've learned much more Spanish and will become fluent and I will appoint myself a spokesperson for the Hispanic American community. Uhm... I'm SPANISH, not Mexican so ... advocating for Aztlan will be difficult. I'm thinking I have to somehow hate on my colonialist-imperialist roots ... I'm thinking I'll just bullshit my way through it like all of the other "privileged" spokesmen for the left have in the past, actually coming from "privilege" while speaking about being a member of the proletariat. Whatever, seemed to work just fine for Ida Tarbell and Sean Penn and a whole host of other fine, upstanding fighters for international workers.

Our greatest challenge as a nation isn't that we're spending tons of money needlessly, it's that we're under taxed!

MrColionNoir, Ben Carson and David Webb are traitors to their race. The only acceptable views to speak of in public for black people are those that are espoused by Russell Simmons, Toure, Eric Michael Dyson, Rob Parker and the like.

I think that women ought to be free to choose when to abort their babies. I agree with high level Planned Parenthood execs that the decision of life and death is between a woman and her doctor even after a baby is born. I think Rev Katherine Ragsdale is a wonderful voice of reason in this debate.

And today is April 1.

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