Friday, April 12, 2013

In the Twitter Gulag ... again

My twitter account has been suspended as of about 1200 PST. Again. Once I'm un-suspended I'll list my last ten tweets and you all can see what I did, and why I possibly got suspended. I'm more than a little fucking pissed because this is the fifth or sixth time this year I've been suspended, and I never know what totally ambiguous Twitter Rule I may have broken to deserve suspension.

The only thing I can think of is that I piss off progressive leftists. Seeing as how they're so easily offended by facts, logic & reason I don't see that stopping any time soon. And if I continue to get suspended for merely speaking my mind it'll just harden me and piss me off more.

Here are some links chronicling exactly what I'm talking about:

#freeshanewright22 and more: Conservative users still trapped in #twittergulag; Update: Shane Wright freed, spam block attack confirmed

The #twittergulag saga continues: @gopfirecracker suspended, others still trapped; Update: @gopfirecracker’s account restored

#TwitterGulag denier Charles Johnson advocates suspension of conservatives’ Twitter accounts
(I have a very strong suspicion it was Charles Johnson who had something to do with suspending me. I won't make an actual accusation until I have at least a shred of evidence. DEVELOPING...)

Twitter CEO busts prisoner out of #TwitterGulag

Dissent for me, but not for thee: liberals justify Twitter gulag for conservatives

#TGDN: Hashtag to power! Grassroots set up Twitter Gulag Defense Network

#TGDN boot camp: Twitter Gulag Defense Network founder shares tips for avoiding #TwitterGulag

Twitter Gulag Defense Network’s website goes live, offers tips for conservative tweeters

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