Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Steve Byrne

Years ago, I was laughing my ass off at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. Steve Byrne was on stage, killing. This was when he was billed as half-Irish and half-Korean. He's now billed as all-American. Fuck, yes. While I'm also part Irish and half Spanish (not Mexican, gringos) I now see myself as all-American. I've had it w/ the hyphenates.

This night, he was at a part in his act that required audience participation. He was telling a joke about how to fight. So he's asking people in the 3rd row when the last time they got in a fight, the first two hadn't been in a fight in years, then he got to me;

Steve Byrne: When have you been in a fight?

Me: Last week.

Steve Byrne: What happened?

Me: I was trying to arrest a guy and he fought me.

Steve Byrne: (very confused) you uh... you fought a cop?

Me: I am a cop. I was trying to arrest someone.

Steve Byrne: (His face gets all excited) "You're a cop? CONVERSATION OVER!"

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