Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I ... I just can't, I can't!

I remember once in college, I had a professor say, "Wittgenstein was a really odd guy. He was this super cerebral philosopher and enthusiastically fought in World War I. When he was teaching a class, he used to a lot of the time show up like fifteen minutes late, sit at the head of the class for ten or fifteen minutes just muttering, "I ... I just can't ... I can't, I'm out of my league ..." and then eventually run out of his classroom.

Sometimes I feel like that with this blog.


  1. No, keep it up! You have very entertaining posts

    1. Thank you. I suppose it'd help if I actually got feedback on my twitter & Facebook pages rather than just the comments on Street Carnage, which are about 2 to 1 that I suck and should die.

      Not like the negative comments get to me - it's just I wish there were as many positive ones.