Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If you can't say anything nice, STFU!

Good grief, I'm sorry you saw that.  But it was necessary - without it, what I write below makes no sense. Alright, a little background here: a little birdie told me this character is a current police officer. I'll get right to the point, what you see above is an incredibly hacky, hard to sit through four minute comedy routine.  This cat's routine up until the :30 mark is strained and not really very good, but overall harmless.  He starts the video by making the point that he's a former Los Angeles Police Officer.  He makes some dumb, unoriginal, really and truly unfunny lines (my favorite was how he doesn't look good in a mustache.  HILARIOUS, he'll be on the Tonight Show within a month!) about why he didn't fit in as a Los Angeles Police Officer.  What really kills me is at the :30 mark he says - in the context of why being a police officer wasn't his style - "I like black people."  This line is completely offensive on two fronts: it isn't funny and it's completely disrespectful of fellow coppers by pandering to an unfair and vicious stereotype!

What.  The.  Fuck!?
Oh wait, I get it.  LAPD Officers are all racists!  Hah!  HAHAHAHA!  Five seconds later he makes some crack about black people having bad credit.  So I get it, he's lazy, unfunny and a total hack comic.

Way to throw more than 9,000 of your brother and sister officers right under the bus for a cheap laugh at some stupid fucking comedy club, asshole!  Seriously!?  This is what you say to an audience, then you videotape it and put it on Youtube for the world to see!?  You could make any number of original and funny observations about being a police officer in Los Angeles.  The entire world is dying to know just what it is like to police such a crazy place as LA.  People dream of what it must be like to fight crime in one of the most unique and diverse cities on the planet.  Many former LAPD officers have lead productive lives as writers and actors drawing on their rich experiences from behind the thin blue line.  There are only a select few people who can say they have been LAPD Officers for at least seven years - and your pearl of wisdom, your awesomely original take on being a big city cop is this!?

This video was posted three years ago.  In that time, I know of six LAPD officers who have died in the line of duty, and a little over a dozen who have gotten seriously hurt.  Of the ones who are no longer with us, one was White, one Asian, three Chicano and one Black.  These six and the countless thousands who serve the City of Los Angeles and have served it are all sickened by this clown.

Joe Rogan, who has never worn a badge once included a line in a joke about how, "cops are all 'roided out" and frequently beat the shit out of "kids" due to 'roid rage at one of his shows at the Comedy Store in Hollywood.  Afterwards, a young police officer sought him out after the show and said to Joe:

"Thanks so much.  I needed this a lot.  I work for LAPD, and we lost one last week, and buried him a day ago.  He was working Newton Division in South LA, and he got shot.  I really, really needed to laugh and you killed me."

The entire time, Joe cringed.  Joe's reply was, "Oh no man ... Ahhhh... I am so sorry for you, man ... "  Joe Rogan truly felt bad upon hearing this.  Joe Rogan.  Joe Rogan, the goofy, marijuana obsessed host of a completely absurd game show, Fear Factor, felt bad about telling a joke at the police's expense.

Way to go pal.  You officially have poorer judgement and scruples than a goofball pothead.

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